miercuri, 3 august 2011

31 Iulie 2011 - Pe Culmea Piule-Plesa

Creasta Oslea, Muntii Valcan

Culmea Straunile, Muntii Retezat

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Nadja spunea...

I really like these 2 with low colour saturation! Very different from the rest, but very beautiful! How come you don't use black and white more? Think for some, where the colours are not too spectacular anyway, it could be very impressive! I know, I know, I am a black and white addict, but still. :-)) Greetings mountain man! XXX

Serban spunea...

Hi, Nadja! I started from the B&W. I wanted that because the light in the middle of the day is not very appealing. Getting some of the colors back and toning them, got back more details than keeping the B&W. For pure B&W I would've had to work more on contrast on various areas. So in those two images I find that the shapes are more interesting.

Nadja spunea...

Cool technique! :-)) You should do it more often! Pure black and white too! (I don't give up easily...)
Weird, that you have less detail in the black and white.... Depends on the B&W method maybe? (I still work with my toys camera, chances are I don't have much detail to loose, anyway...) "-))

Serban spunea...

The B&W can be customized a lot, there are infinite possibilities, so sometimes I'm too lazy to work more on the adjustments :-) Less details meaning that there is less contrast if not done right to distinguish very well the different elements in the landscape. I think I have some very good candidates for BW, I didn't work yet to much on transforming them.

fly2sky spunea...

Absolut superbe mai ales primele doua!

Serban spunea...

Iti multumesc fly2sky!

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