vineri, 27 iulie 2012

Lonely heart

On Horseid beach, Norway 2012

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Nadja spunea...

Ah, Serban, I always suspected you are a romantic soul.
I love all your latest photos, very beautiful.
Just keep them coming!

Serban Simbotelecan spunea...

Nadja, maybe, but more in my soul then in actions... :-/ ;-))
Thank you very much!
I'll do that ;-)

Eva spunea...

Α lonely heart for a lonesome cowboy?...
I guess you stayed long in one place :)

Hugs and kisses from greece!

(Keep travelling and sharing your wonderful photos!)

Sasha spunea...

hehe, ce de admiratoare face poza asta :))

Serban Simbotelecan spunea...

It could be one... but I know it wasn't my heart. :-) It's someone's else...

Thank you, Eva.

Unde, unde? Unde sunt Sasha?

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